Friday, November 30, 2012

Help Out If You Can

There are many families out there this holiday season that need our help. There are several toy drives going to make sure that children get gifts on Christmas morning. I love to see those drives be successful in fulfilling kids' wishes and dreams during the holidays. It really warms my heart. The Monkey Do Project also needs your help this holiday season. Here is a post about one way that we can all help their efforts. Many times the emphasis is put on toys and gifts for others during the holidays because a lot of times, that's what our minds and hearts first go ot. However, more than toys and gifts, a lot of times, people just want a nice, warm meal for their families. We talk about the Christmas cookies and all the fancy meals that we are having for our families. There are families who are wishing for a meal. That is sad to think about so I want to try to help get the word out that the Monkey Do Project is rasiing funds to give families in Appalachia just that, a warm meal to celebrate the holidays. Open your hearts to maybe provide one family a meal this Christmas by stopping over at the Monkey Do Project, here is the link to that post again. Thank you.

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