Monday, February 25, 2013

MAMAVATION MONDAY: Getting back into running, Countdown to 5K

I did so well in January with my running.  I had set myself a goal of running 20 miles and I blew that out of the water by running 40 miles instead.  I was so proud of myself and I felt so great.  Then, February came and well, I definitely took it off.  I didn't run even close to what I did in January but I ran only a few times.  I am not proud of that.  I have been trying to adjust to my new schedule with working a part time job during the afternoons but now I think I have a better handle on all of that so I hope to improve my running and get back to running at least 20 miles a month.  I know, already, that I can run more than that since I did it last month.  I just need to remember to put myself first.  This isn't an easy task for myself because I tend to think about what I need to do for everyone first.  Treadmill running is not my favorite thing in the world but I need to just suck it up and do it. I hope that using a new treadmill will make it a bit more exciting.  Hopefully we can pick that new one up this week.  It is free but it is really heavy and I know my husband is not looking forward to actually physically picking it up.

March is going to be a busy running month for me because I want to get my mileage back up but also because I have 3 5K's that I am doing during the month.  I have 2 virtual runs and my first actual official outdoor 5K.  That one is on March 30th and I am running that one with my husband and son for the Leukemia and Lymphoma Society.  It is a great course, mostly flat and just a nice, outdoor run.  We ran it last year and when I ran it, we literally woke up and went to run.  I hadn't trained or anything beforehand.  I was not in great shape and I didn't have the lung capacity that I feel I have now when running.  This year I want to improve my time for the race and see if I can shave off at least 4 minutes from last year's time.  I feel like that is a pretty attainable goal for me.  I have been running semi consistently since October and I think I am stronger and better prepared than last year.  So I plan on running at least every other day throughout the month of March to prepare for this run.  I am also considering doing a practice run of the course just to see how I do with it.  This course has a pretty big hill in the first half mile but after that, it is pretty much downhill or flat running.  I'd love to see how I do ahead of time to see what I will need to do to reach my goal.  Is that cheating when it comes to beating my old time?! I don't know, part of me wants to see ahead of time where I am at time wise but another part of me wants to just prepare at home, run that day and hope for a good result.  The other factor for me is that my husband is running this 5K with me and he hasn't been training so I don't know if I will have to walk or slow down for him.  I feel like he would encourage me to just keep going as I did for him last year in a different 5K.  He beat me by 3 minutes on that one.

Thursday, February 21, 2013

Harnessing the Busy

Wow, adding a part time job into my life has proven to add a lot more than part time busy.  I mean, I knew that adding that in would take time away from the things I used to do while the kids were all in school but that's not the only thing.  Yes, this afternoon job means that I now have to do all my running of errands in the mornings but also, I am running errands for work and doing a few things outside of work hours when I can fit it in.

Lincoln and I don't get to lounge around as much as we used to but it also has allowed us to go out for lunch dates more often.

I love my job, I really do.  I have never been happier at a job than I am here.  I get to do all those organizing office things that I love, I am starting to get into the marketing/advertising end of things and I am helping to organize holiday skate themes, which is right up my alley! The people that I work with are all so nice....all guys but they are nice.  Somedays I feel like the odd man, er woman, out but that's okay.  They are all respectful and kind to me so that's what matters most.

Aside from work, I am still running the kids to and from their activities.  Jada is joining the track and field team so that is going to add in pickups to my list of things but that's okay with me since it means she is joining a sport that is physically great for her.  I will really enjoy going to her meets and seeing her run or jump or whichever events she chooses to participate in.  She is so excited and so am I.

We are on the search for a new vehicle for Chuck.  We have spent a great deal of time looking online and driving around to look.  We have found a few great ones but every single time we get to them, they are sold :( so the search continues and quite frankly, I am over it.  I am so tired of looking at cars, trucks and SUV's.  However, it will be nice when I don't have to worry about the reliability of his current truck and he will be able to help with pickups and dropoffs!

I haven't been working out like I was last month.  That is my biggest gripe.  My clothes are fitting snug again and my body is getting soft.  I am going to have to push myself to fit in the workouts. My sister-in-law offered me a treadmill that is much nicer than the one I have now so I will be happy to jump on that and get in my 3 milers and maybe more if the machine is easy on my knees.  I need to get back to it to fit into the wedding skirt so the struggle to do what I need to do continues! Only 148 days until the wedding!

Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Just Call Me Eden

I have done a few posts about one of my favorite websites, EdenFantasys and how wonderful they are.  This post is more of the same.  I really do support this site because the pricing is good, the products are quality products, the variety of products is vast and it has helped spark my relationship with my husband.  Don't worry, I won't go into detail with that aspect! ;)

Aside from all the products that I have mentioned in past posts, I don't think that I ever mentioned that you can get the one you love a gift card for EdenFantasys! If you don't know what exactly you would like to purchase but want to maybe pick something together for a weekend away or even just for a fun night, get a gift card and you can go back and choose something as a couple. Gift cards for the site are also great for a bridal shower or bachelorette party gift!  Allow the bride-to-be choose a special something for the wedding night or honeymoon! What girl wouldn't love that?!

Also, for my blogging friends or anyone that loves this site, there are several opportunities for you through EdenFantasys to form a sort of relationship with the company.  You can become a reviewer for the site and have your reviews on the site, if approved. They also have an affiliate program that you can check out, click on the link for all the necessary information.  They also have a program for giving back to the community!  You can sign up to become a part of the community within EdenFantasys and get the latest reviews and information from other people around the world that enjoy the website and products. You can also add in any feedback and reviews for the community.

I cannot do this post without putting in a few pictures of some great products. So, for your review, some of my favorite things!  Also, if you are looking for something for the Valentine weekend, be sure to use some coupon codes to get the latest discounts.  These expire on Feb. 15th so be sure to go grab them soon!

As always, FREE shipping on orders of $35+
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You can save 20% on all 50 Shades of Grey products:
Create your own 50 Shades of Grey experience and save 20% I love this corset set, it is sexy, yet tasteful and really pretty:
Lacy corset with matching g-string - Corset

For a special occasion, use this massage candle:
Shunga massage candle - Massage candle
I, myself, have never done this but it seems like a great way to reconnect.  You light the candle, wait 20 minutes and then use the spoon to put some of the oil into your palm and use it to massage your lover. I like the idea of the glow of a candle and using it to massage your loved one.  Who said foreplay has to be the usual stuff?! I think this would be very sensual. 

Who loves chocolate?
Sweet Heart chocolate box - Sensual kit
This kit features items that are chocolate flavored so have your chocolate and fun too. ;)

As always, I highly recommend you head on over to EdenFantasys for all your needs.  The wide variety of items for every kind of relationship are available to you and can be ordered from the comfort of your home.  The shipping times are very quick and the package is discreet so the delivery guy won't even know if you have something naughty in that package! ;)

*The opinions expressed in this post are solely mine, I was not given a script from EdensFantasys for this post.  I am being compensated for my opinions and will be using it for purchasing items from the site. 

Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Family Friendly Project to Help Others!

When we help others, our children notice.  There is no better example of goodness for our children than our own.  The Monkey Do Project has launched a great way for children to get involved in helping others where they can have fun in the process.  If you are familiar with the children's book Flat Stanley, then you will love the Monkey Do Project's version, called Flat Monkey.

You can download your own Flat Monkey Project kit for free!  This project is really great for church groups, families, offices and schools.  Kids will love to track their Flat Monkey and others on the Flat Monkey Map!! How cool is that?!

You can read the background story of Flat Monkey and how he got flattened here.

How it works:  You would receive the flat monkey, make an online donation (in any amount, every single penny helps!) and then physically mail out the flat monkey to the next person. 

If you have more questions about this fundraising effort, you can visit their FAQ's page regarding the Flat Monkey project.

If you are not familiar with the Monkey Do Project, please go to their site and read all about their efforts to help those in need in the Appalachia area. 

Well, what are you waiting for?!  Go download your own FREE Flat Monkey kit now!!

Sunday, February 3, 2013


I'm happy to report that I did, in fact, finish out my goal of doubling my original goal and I ended up with 40 miles of running in the month of January!  I actually finished the goal by running for a solid 4 miles on Wednesday, muchto my surprise and delight.  So happy my husband told me to push myself and run a 4 miler instead of breaking it up into 2 two-milers.  He always encourages me to push myself to places I have never been and the result was such pride so I have him to thank for his support and faith in me that I sometimes don't have.
My eating habits have been less than stellar.  I think I started to get into a  sort of rut because although I was eating right and running every other day, I am not losing any weight at all.  I can feel the changes in my body but the frustration over the numbers was getting me down.  I am trying to regroup and change things up, shake them up a bit.  I am going to try to change my routines and run every other day and the other days, focus on weights.  That is what really helped me last time I lost 20+ pounds.  When I added in regular weight training, the weight started to really come off.  I only have like ten or so pounds to lose so it's not a huge number but I have a goal and I want to reach it so I am determined to do what I need to. 
I signed my son up for his first 5k for the year at the end of March...he is 12 and is in a running club at school so they are required to do at least one 5k.  We did this one last year and it is a good course, so I am doing this one too again this year.  It will be my first actual 5k, unless I decide to do another local one on the 16th of March.  I am doing a lot of virtual 5k's but I'd like to do more outside running and I have to admit, I do enjoy getting those t-shirts and bibs or medals. 
I received two medals the other day from Virtual Run Queen.  One is for the run I did on my birthday and the other is for the Shamrock Shuffle next month.  I love the bling!  I can't wait to collect more medals throughout the year.  I do also save the bibs from 5k's because I just love the way they look and it's a great reminder of my efforts.