Wednesday, July 17, 2013

28-Day ProSkins Leggings Challenge: Week 1

It has been a week since I began wearing the leggings I received from ProSkins.  They are slimming, anti-cellulite leggings that claim to smooth your skin, reduce cellulite and slim your legs. 

After one week of wearing them, I can say that my legs do feel smoother.  I have not had to apply lotion to my legs since I began wearing them!  I can't say for sure that I have less cellulite on my legs because I didn't really guage that beforehand.  I guess I should have done that as well.  I did however, take "before" measurements and I have to say that after one week, I have seen the numbers go down. 

To be clear, I am still working out and I am participating in a squats challenge so I am sure that that plays a factor in the numbers game but I do believe that the leggings are playing a part as well. 

Another great benefit to the leggings is how comfortable they are.  I wear mine to bed at night because they just don't work with what I wear to my job.  I actually really like the silky feeling and the compression that I feel on my legs when I wear them. 

Only time will tell as I go through the challenge as to whether they make a huge difference in the measurements of my legs but I am enjoying what I am seeing so far!

Get Out and Run

When I started running, I was so motivated to join some online groups that were involved in running.  I learned a lot and found some really great resources for training, hydration, products and all sorts of things. 

One of the programs that I joined was the Get Out and Run Program through US Road Running.  It is a great group that encourages, supports and motivates you to well, get out and run!  There are monthly goals that you can shoot for such as joining in the 5k, 10k or mileage goals.  You can sign up to receive a medal for each month that you participate but you are not required to do so.  You also enter your results and you can view your results against other runners to see where you place. 

If you would like to join this group and find some motivation, community and encouragement, you can visit US Road Running and put in the referral code 3450 to let them know that I sent you! It is free to join the group!

Monday, July 15, 2013

Down to the Wire

My brother is getting married in 4 days. Four days.  The time since they were first engaged until now has flown by faster than I ever could have imagined.  I've had so much fun being involved and helping where I could.  The work isn't over just yet.  I am working on baskets for the bathrooms that you see at receptions.  The ones that have band-aids, hairspray, aspirin, etc. in them for the guests.  I volunteered to do those and I am working on filling those up.

I've got my nails done and hair appointment set.  I need to get my pedicure (didn't want to do it too soon) and then find someone to do my makeup.  The wedding is outdoors and it is supposed to be about 90 degrees with a chance of rain! I have some acne and I was hoping to get my makeup professionally done so that I can make sure I still look good for the pictures afterward.

I am so nervous and anxious and I'm not quite sure why.  This is not my wedding! There is just so much time and effort that has been put into this and I want everything to go smoothly.  My brother and soon to be sister-in-law have done everything themselves and a lot of the details are homemade with a personal touch.  I want their day to be everything they envision it to be.

I still have to get Lincoln's clothes because it has been difficult to find the outfit without paying an insane amount of money.  We are going tomorrow to hunt for an outfit and we aren't stopping until we find it.

We are down to the wire and everything is coming together.  We are so excited to see the wedding and have fun in the process.

It's hard to put into words how I feel about my baby brother getting married and just how much I adore his fiance'.  She is the perfect girl.  She is kind, loving, smart, funny and so easy to get along with.  She would do anything for my kids and treats us as family.  I am so happy to call her my sister.  It's not like we had to wait until they are married to call her family because she has been such a big part of our family for the past seven years.  The marriage was just a formality.

I got her a small gift from my sister and I as a way to welcome her to our sisterhood.  I can't wait to give it to her and I hope she likes it.  If anything, she knows it came from our hearts.

I can't wait to show pictures of the wedding when I have them.  Be prepared!

Friday, July 5, 2013

I Am Enough

It really is a powerful statement, one that I probably couldn't have made a few years ago.  There comes a time in everyone's life when they start to wonder if everything they do and everything they try to do is enough. 

A challenge was posted for people to figure out what the statement, I AM ENOUGH, means to them. This is my story.

For years, I tried to do everything.  I was trying to please everyone and tried to be as involved as I possibly could in everything.  I put so much aside so that I could be the person that everyone else could count on and sometimes, that still was not enough.  I was stressed out, tired and running on empty. 

As I started to do things that made me happy, started saying no to others when I really didn't want to or couldn't do something and taking care of myself; I was starting to realize that I was becoming a better me. 

I realized that even if I wasn't on the PTO board, even if I wasn't at every meeting, even if I wasn't at every kid-friendly event or activity and even if I didn't cook homemade meals everyday....I was enough. 

People start to make these realizations through many different avenues.  For me, I found myself thinking a lot when I started to put myself first.  For years, I was doing everything for everyone else and not doing very much for me.  One turning point for me was when I started running.  It may seem strange to others that running would bring about such an internal change in a person.  However, as I started to further my distance and I started to improve on my timing, I found someone.  I found the person inside of me that I've always been but couldn't see.  I found me.

I found that I was able to do something I didn't think I could do.  I found that I am worth it and I am enough.

I was able to climb and overcome hurdles in the road.

I was able to convince my entire family to fun a 5k! (1k for the little guy)
I was able to find myself and realize that I AM ENOUGH.
I am enough for me, I am enough for my family and I am enough for everyone else who finds me valuable.  I must say, it feels so very good to be enough.