Wednesday, July 17, 2013

28-Day ProSkins Leggings Challenge: Week 1

It has been a week since I began wearing the leggings I received from ProSkins.  They are slimming, anti-cellulite leggings that claim to smooth your skin, reduce cellulite and slim your legs. 

After one week of wearing them, I can say that my legs do feel smoother.  I have not had to apply lotion to my legs since I began wearing them!  I can't say for sure that I have less cellulite on my legs because I didn't really guage that beforehand.  I guess I should have done that as well.  I did however, take "before" measurements and I have to say that after one week, I have seen the numbers go down. 

To be clear, I am still working out and I am participating in a squats challenge so I am sure that that plays a factor in the numbers game but I do believe that the leggings are playing a part as well. 

Another great benefit to the leggings is how comfortable they are.  I wear mine to bed at night because they just don't work with what I wear to my job.  I actually really like the silky feeling and the compression that I feel on my legs when I wear them. 

Only time will tell as I go through the challenge as to whether they make a huge difference in the measurements of my legs but I am enjoying what I am seeing so far!

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