Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Get Out and Run

When I started running, I was so motivated to join some online groups that were involved in running.  I learned a lot and found some really great resources for training, hydration, products and all sorts of things. 

One of the programs that I joined was the Get Out and Run Program through US Road Running.  It is a great group that encourages, supports and motivates you to well, get out and run!  There are monthly goals that you can shoot for such as joining in the 5k, 10k or mileage goals.  You can sign up to receive a medal for each month that you participate but you are not required to do so.  You also enter your results and you can view your results against other runners to see where you place. 

If you would like to join this group and find some motivation, community and encouragement, you can visit US Road Running and put in the referral code 3450 to let them know that I sent you! It is free to join the group!

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