Tuesday, July 22, 2014

A Phone Interview With Comedian, Gabriel "Fluffy" Iglesias

Yesterday, I had the chance to take part in a phone interview with a famous comedian! If you don't know who Gabriel "Fluffy" Iglesias is, you need to click on his name to see him. He is so funny and a clean comedian who isn't full of profanity.

It was a great opportunity and a fun project for me.  I really enjoyed spending that time on the phone with him and learning a little more about him, as a person and about his shows.  He was a very down to earth guy and just very genuine.  The conversation wasn't full of self promotion as you might think since he has a new movie coming to theaters in three days.

It was a small group phone conversation with a few other mom bloggers and we were able to ask him some questions to get to know him a little better.

Here is a recap of the interview:

Q: Describe yourself in three words.
A: Approachable, happy guy.
Q: Who are your favorite comedians?
A: Eddie Murphy, Robin Williams, Bill Maher, Jim Jeffries, Chris Rock, Dennis Miller (although Iglesias isn't considered an edgy comedian, he does enjoy those that are.)
Q: Why should everyone go see your new movie, Fluffy?
A: It is a non rated R comedy show that centers around family and relationships, it is very relatable and you can even take the kids.
Q: What is your best parenting advice?
A:  Embarrass your kids, it can be more effective than hitting or abusing your child.  No child wants to be embarrassed in front of their friends!
Q:  How has parenthood changed you?
A:  I have grown up a lot and I've learned to appreciate things more.
Q:  Do you find it hard to balance family and your career with this huge tour going on?*
A:  My family almost fell apart. The tour is so involved and it takes a lot of work.  We were arguing and I finally had to say, "just give me until the movie is out and then I will be home and I am all yours again." 
Q: Is it important to you that your movie be non R-rated?
A:   I am generally a clean comedian so I just had to eliminate two swear words to make it PG-13.  Those cuss words weren't necessary.
Q:  Are you now gearing toward more family friendly roles?
A:  I would like to do more work relating to families and parents. I enjoy the voice over work a lot, it's fun and a lot easier.
          Q: Are your shows scripted or do you just get up there and go?*
A:  They are not scripted, I do free flow and I don't write anything down.  I record all my shows so that I can sit down and see which things worked and which ones didn't.  If something worked, I will use it again.  If it doesn't work, I will toss it from my show. The movie, Fluffy, is a longer more involved show so that one I worked on for almost a year. 
Q: What advice would you give to someone thinking about breaking into the comedy world?*
A:  Go for it but you must sacrifice, don't cuss, the less you cuss, the less there is a chance of upsetting people and try to keep it relatable to the audience. 
Q:  If you were not a comedian, what would you be?
A:  A teacher.
Q: What is your favorite venue to perform?
A:  The Comedy & Magic Club in Hermosa Beach. It is smaller and a great place to try out material.
Q:  How do you deal with pressure to make people laugh?
A:  Now I walk out to cheers and applause, there's less pressure now.  In the beginning, I was so nervous and they laughed.  Now it is very surreal, I feel like sometimes they are just so excited that they would laugh at anything I say.  
Q: What does your mom think of your shows?*
A: His mom was the one that told him he wasn't fat, he was fluffy so that is how the whole name came about, he told this in his shows and people started calling him Fluffy.  She didn't really like that people were calling him Fluffy as a name.  She would laugh but maybe because she felt she needed to be laughing when everyone else was laughing.  Of course she loved his shows, she's mom!
Q: What do you like to do during your time off?
A:  I love going to the movies with my family, bowling, Dave and Busters and staying in at home with my 3 dogs.  I have three chihuahuas.  
Q:  What is one thing that people will take away from your new film, Fluffy?
A:  It is more emotional and full of inspiration than you would think.  People go in thinking it is just a comedy but they come out and are moved by the story. 

* These are questions that I asked him.

As you can see, he really allowed us to get to know him and about him a lot.  He did crack some jokes in there and had us laughing, but it felt really genuine and natural, not a forced conversation.

I can't wait to see his movie, Fluffy. I'm sure I will be laughing a lot and I can't wait to take away some inspiration.

He did tell us a story about a special toilet but the details are secret, let's just say that we were all laughing and I will be hitting up Google to look up this toilet to check out the features! ;)

A huge thanks to Gabriel "Fluffy" Iglesias for his time and entertainment.  I really enjoyed this opportunity and it is definitely going in my book of "awesome things I've done in my life!"

Monday, July 21, 2014

Getting Things Going

 A few months ago, I decided to be brave and start a local chapter of the national running group, Moms Run This Town.  It is open to all women (women only, sorry guys!) It's great because it allows for local women to meet up, share in exercise and conversations.  We can choose to bring our kids along to either run or ride in a stroller. You don't even have to be a mom to join the group, either!  You can be a single lady looking for group runs to keep you motivated.  It is a great organization that they started and I am happy to see that the numbers in my chapter are starting to grow.  We now have a group of nine members.

If you are local to me and would like to join, please check out our Facebook page and ask to join! 

You don't have to be a seasoned runner, you don't have to be fast and you don't have to be an exercise guru.  We welcome all ages, all levels of fitness and all abilities.  We would like to start meeting on a regular basis so that we can get the group going.  I am also going to look into maybe seeing if the local running store would like to host us and give us some tips and information on running and maybe introduce us to some running gear that we may not know about. 

Friday, July 11, 2014

Friday Facts: Random Facts About Me

Just trying to mix things up over here and get some fun stuff going.  Here are some random facts about me.....

  • I am totally scatterbrained.  Yeah, I guess you probably could have noticed that by now.  I just have so much going on in my brain that I am always going in ten different directions.  I want to do so much and I just don't know how to execute them all. 

  • I am afraid of failure.  I think this is a trait in everyone but I feel it so much.  I am always thinking of things I want to do in order to start my own business or a side business but I am too afraid of failing and having others look down on me or make fun of me for it, that I don't even get started.  I've had some really good ideas and have watched others succeed at those same things only to feel like a failure for not even trying.  It's a vicious cycle but I'm getting older and I think it's time to start taking chances!

  • I want to help others.  I really feel so much for others in unfortunate situations and I want to help them all.  I would love to make a difference in the lives of others.  I know that there are a ton of organizations and non profits that I can work with to help others, I really need to start volunteering more. 

  • I'm going through a rough time with realizing that my older kids are getting older.  I know most people struggle with their youngest getting older but I am just noticing that I only have a few more years with the older kids before they fly the coop. I touched on this in yesterday's post but it is a daily thought in my mind. 

  • I always plan trips.  I don't ever go on them but I like to plan them and look at hotel and airfare rates and see what it would cost and what we would do on these trips.  It's weird, I know.  I guess I just like to fantasize about traveling the world. Someday I will go on a cruise though! 
Got any random facts about you? 

Thursday, July 10, 2014

Letting Go of Control

I am very much a control freak.  I like things to be organized and orderly and I like to know details.  This is why I usually volunteer to handle things, that way, I know how things will go.  However, I am learning to let go a bit.  I still get a twitch when things aren't explained to me in detail and I want to know what is going on, when and how.

Tonight, Jada is going to be sleeping over at her friend's house so that they can leave early tomorrow morning for a week long trip to the beach. She will be gone for 8 days and it is going to be weird.  She has never been away from home for that long and she has never gone anywhere with a friend for more than two days.  I did get lots of details from the parents so I do feel comfortable about her being with them for that long, I just worry that she will get homesick.  She said she is afraid of the same thing but I'm sure she is going to be having so much fun and she will be at the beach....my most favorite place on earth so I will be spending the week jealous of her!

Next weekend, Chuckie is going to be going away for the entire weekend with one of his coaches for a lacrosse tournament in Niagara Falls, NY.  This will be his first weekend away from us.  I don't know the details yet but I do know that he is in good hands.  He knows everyone on the team and they will be getting the boys together outside of the lacrosse games for swimming and probably a meal or two.  Chuckie has never seen the falls so I am silently struggling with the fact that he gets to see that without us.  He has always wanted to see the falls though so I am happy that he has the chance to go.  We decided to stay back because it is going to save us a large amount of money by just sending him.  I know he will have fun and will be busy with practicing and at least 5-6 games over the weekend.  We expect that he will get back late on Sunday.

So how am I coping with these two things?  I am trying to reassure myself that everything will be okay and they will have fun and they won't miss us too much.  I am starting to show signs of my anxiety coming back but it is only temporary.  Once they are gone, I will be okay.  It is just the time leading up to it all.  It may seem silly to some people that this will bother me but I am always involved in everything my kids do so letting go is not easy for me. Plus, I think part of it is that I want to experience these things with them.

I have been dealing with the fact that my older kids are getting older and more independent.  In a few years, they will be done with high school and moving on with their lives. I know it is a part of life but it is so hard to think that they could move away....even for college or other schooling.  I feel like I am running out of time and I just want to bottle it all up and save it for a lifetime.

I know I need to let go....not totally though.  I am still right there whispering to behave, to mind their manners and to have fun, to use caution, be aware of their surroundings and to take in the moments that make them happy.  I've had fourteen years of those moments and they are all held close to my heart, visions of them as vivid as if they were yesterday.

Wednesday, June 25, 2014

I am now a BULU Box Brand Ambassador!!

I have tried out a few different subscription box companies and I have cancelled a few too.  I have tried the beauty ones, I have tried a few health/fitness ones and none have even come close to the love I felt for Bulu Box.  It is a health/fitness themed box subscription that is filled with samples from companies that cover all sorts of products.

I am currently subscribed to Bulu only because the products that I have found in other boxes just weren't things that I found to be useful.  I also love the actual box that Bulu sends, it is covered in inspirational and motivational messages! Who doesn't love that?!

I reached out to Bulu Box to see if I could become a brand ambassador because I really do love the company so much.  They accepted me!!  I am so excited to help them spread the word on their amazing company and subscriptions!

Luckily, it doesn't just make me happy.....it will make YOU happy too because I have a link that will allow you to subscribe and get a 50% discount!! Yes, I said 50% discount!! Now you, too, can get the great orange box in the mail and try out product samples from companies that you may not have heard of otherwise.

You can simply click on the ad or click on any link in this post and you will automatically get the 50% off discount when you sign up for a subscription!  It's really that simple!  What are you waiting for?!  Go now!!

Friday, June 20, 2014

Race Recap: 5K Foam Fest

Well, I did it!!  I got messy, I got wet and I had a blast!!  My husband and I had a few setbacks that had me so rattled but it ended well and we laughed about a lot that day.

Our wave was at 9:40am and we were meeting friends there to do it together.  We got a late start because Chuck was sick and slow moving.  He decided that he wasn't going to do the race because he was so sick and it would be hard for him to breathe.  However, he was going to walk the course with me and take pictures. He was not happy about this and neither was I but at that point, he was wheezing and coughing so much, it was much smarter that he not run and do the obstacles.

So we were running late, our directions took us to the wrong place and we ended up driving around for a bit looking for the right place. We finally saw a bus that was a shuttle bus and we followed it to the parking area. Then we had to wait for around a half hour for the shuttle bus because the line was long.  We made it to the event area and had to wait in line again for registration and waiver signing.

When we were finally in and set up, we were put in the next wave which was starting in five minutes.  The horns went off and we started walking.  The course was set up on an ATV dirt trail through the woods.  It was pretty and the trail walking was a good workout in itself.  A lot of people didn't do last year's event so they had nothing to compare it to.

If I were to compare last year and this year I would say a few things:

1.  The parking was different.  Last year, the parking was right at the event area so no shuttles were needed and I really liked that.  We were able to drive through and get it much faster, no lines, no shuttles, no confusion on where we needed to go.

2. The course was much different.  I enjoyed the trails this year.  I liked that the course itself was a workout and the hills and rough terrain allowed the crowds of people to space out and we didn't have to wait in a large group to get through the obstacles like we did last year.

3.  The obstacles. Last year, it just seemed like the obstacles were much closer together than this year.  There were parts of the course this year that it seemed like we were walking forever until the next obstacle.

4.  The afterparty.  The area after the race had some pros and cons over last year.  The shower and changing area this year was superb.  There was plenty of space and privacy for everyone.  Last year, people were changing in their cars, myself included.  However, last year there seemed to be more vendors and it was better set up.

I had a blast and I had no problems with any of the obstacles.  They were fun and I got messy, wet and foamy.  There was even a portion of the course where we walked through a real mine.  I would recommend this race to everyone as a fun run. I think it's a great event for groups of family and friends to do together.

Here are some of the official photos of me:

Have you ever done the 5k Foam Fest in your area?  If not, consider this one as the fun run you've always wanted to do!

Friday, June 13, 2014

Foam, Mud, Water and Fun, Here I Come!!

I am so excited about tomorrow's fun run for the 5K Foam Fest!!  I am very happy that my husband has decided to do this with me, he was there last year following us and taking pictures and he decided that it would be more fun to join in with us.  We have our same group as last year so we can say it is officially our second annual Foam Fest together!

Chuck has been sick for the last week so I was really anxious about whether or not he would be well enough for the run but he assures me that he will be fine.  I told him that it is fine if he needs to walk (he has a chest cold and congestion so running may be out) that I will walk with him. It's really not about your timing in this event, it is about having a blast and doing the obstacles.  I can't wait to see the obstacles because there are some different ones this year.

If you haven't done this event yet, I encourage you to sign up and join in the fun.  You will not regret it at all.  You may just find out that you are tougher than you thought! I know I did!