Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Just Call Me Eden

I have done a few posts about one of my favorite websites, EdenFantasys and how wonderful they are.  This post is more of the same.  I really do support this site because the pricing is good, the products are quality products, the variety of products is vast and it has helped spark my relationship with my husband.  Don't worry, I won't go into detail with that aspect! ;)

Aside from all the products that I have mentioned in past posts, I don't think that I ever mentioned that you can get the one you love a gift card for EdenFantasys! If you don't know what exactly you would like to purchase but want to maybe pick something together for a weekend away or even just for a fun night, get a gift card and you can go back and choose something as a couple. Gift cards for the site are also great for a bridal shower or bachelorette party gift!  Allow the bride-to-be choose a special something for the wedding night or honeymoon! What girl wouldn't love that?!

Also, for my blogging friends or anyone that loves this site, there are several opportunities for you through EdenFantasys to form a sort of relationship with the company.  You can become a reviewer for the site and have your reviews on the site, if approved. They also have an affiliate program that you can check out, click on the link for all the necessary information.  They also have a program for giving back to the community!  You can sign up to become a part of the community within EdenFantasys and get the latest reviews and information from other people around the world that enjoy the website and products. You can also add in any feedback and reviews for the community.

I cannot do this post without putting in a few pictures of some great products. So, for your review, some of my favorite things!  Also, if you are looking for something for the Valentine weekend, be sure to use some coupon codes to get the latest discounts.  These expire on Feb. 15th so be sure to go grab them soon!

As always, FREE shipping on orders of $35+
Get your order by the weekend with free 2 day shipping with orders $90+
Get 25% off sitewide with code: HOT4YOU, expires 2/15/13, 3pm EST
FREE GIFTS with any order!

You can save 20% on all 50 Shades of Grey products:
Create your own 50 Shades of Grey experience and save 20% I love this corset set, it is sexy, yet tasteful and really pretty:
Lacy corset with matching g-string - Corset

For a special occasion, use this massage candle:
Shunga massage candle - Massage candle
I, myself, have never done this but it seems like a great way to reconnect.  You light the candle, wait 20 minutes and then use the spoon to put some of the oil into your palm and use it to massage your lover. I like the idea of the glow of a candle and using it to massage your loved one.  Who said foreplay has to be the usual stuff?! I think this would be very sensual. 

Who loves chocolate?
Sweet Heart chocolate box - Sensual kit
This kit features items that are chocolate flavored so have your chocolate and fun too. ;)

As always, I highly recommend you head on over to EdenFantasys for all your needs.  The wide variety of items for every kind of relationship are available to you and can be ordered from the comfort of your home.  The shipping times are very quick and the package is discreet so the delivery guy won't even know if you have something naughty in that package! ;)

*The opinions expressed in this post are solely mine, I was not given a script from EdensFantasys for this post.  I am being compensated for my opinions and will be using it for purchasing items from the site. 

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