Saturday, November 17, 2012

Making it Work

I am so upset to say that all the at home jobs that I have been trying to make work, haven't been.  I mean, the one is good when calls are coming in but a lot of times when I am able to work, the calls aren't coming in.  I need those calls in order to get paid, it's not hourly. 

I have been thinking about when/how I can go to work during the day but honestly, that doesn't work.  My days are split with kindergarten drop off and different things I have going on. 

The only solution would be for me to work at night.  I mean, like in the middle of the night.  It won't go over well with my husband because he worries about my safety and wouldn't be able to sleep but I think he could get used to it.  I can do the overnight shift until Lincoln is in school full time and then I can either switch to daylight shifts or completely change jobs to a daylight job.  This will all be a balance for us.  See, I knew I was naming this blog what I did for a reason! ;)

I talked to someone on Facebook who does this and it works for her family and she is still able to be home for her kids during the day.  She goes to work while they are sleeping.  In my head, that could work for us. 

I am going to apply for this job this weekend and hopefully I can get in as soon as possible because we really need the money to come in or we won't be having a Christmas at all. At this point, we have no money for any gifts for the kids.  I know they would understand if we didn't get them anything but they shouldn't have to.  The weight shouldn't be on their shoulders, they are kids. 

So....wish me luck!


  1. It's so tough with kids and their schedules and trying to make it work to work and be there. I feel for you so much! I hope things work out the way you need them to!


  2. Good luck! We don't have a lot of money this year and Christmas won't be as grand as it has been in years past, but we are trying to focus on other ideas to bring out the Christmas magic :) I hate money sometimes!