Wednesday, November 7, 2012

My Holiday Gift Guide, of sorts

I am an independent consultant for Scentsy and I have a few things that I want to share with you all to help you if you are looking for gifts for some people and have run out of ideas.  Scentsy warmers make a great gift for teachers, paper boys, mail carriers, bus drivers, garbage men, hairstylists or anyone else that you might buy for. 

Scentsy offers so many different products that there are gifts in every price range.  I love the Scentsy Fragrance products because the available scents are so many and there are an abundance of wonderful scents for the fall/winter seasons. 

Here are a few of the great products you might want to think about getting for all those people on your list.

The fragrance foams, or antibacterial foams are Buy One, Get One Free!  That's right, you can stock up on stocking stuffers or make little gift baskets for those that you have to shop for!  There are a bunch of scents to choose from so they aren't just for women! Stock up on yours today for all the people in your life!

How cute is this warmer?!  It has a chalkboard area on it so that you and your kids can countdown the days until Christmas!  I love this because I always had a little chalkboard that I would hang up and use and it broke so this is on my own list this holiday season!
Our Scentsy Buddies are Buy One, Get One Free as well!  The buddies are stuffed animals with a zipper pouch in the back so that you can put in a Scent Pak to make the animal smell wonderfel when the kids are carrying them around!  You can choose the scent for the first buddy and Scentsy will choose the second scent for you (to help control inventory levels)!  If you have kids on your list, this is a great addition to their stuffed animal collection. These are also great for a baby shower, baby's first birthday, christening and any other excuse to give a stuffed animal! 
This is the warmer of the month for November which means that throughout the month of November, you can order this at 10% off!  Get yours today and add it to your holiday decor and enjoy the colorful lights when you turn it on!  They glow with the light inside the warmer to add a festive look to your home!

If you would like to order any of these products, host a party of your own so that you can earn these items for free or have any questions, feel free to visit my site at and take a look around!  I am always here for any questions or inquiries.  If you are looking for a source of extra money or would like to join my team, feel free to contact me also!  I would love to share the experience with you!


  1. Ohh.. there's some great ideas. I LOVE LOVE the Chalk down to Christmas! I may have to get that. I pinned it so I could come back to it later.
    Thanks for sharing!

    1. Thanks, I love that one also. I just have so many myself but I may get that one too!

  2. Great seasonal things. Love Foam Frenzy

  3. I like the idea of the Foam Frenzy. I may have to look into that more!

    1. Yeah I will be stocking up myself! You can never have too much antibacterial stuff and it smells so good! Thanks for stopping by!