Sunday, November 4, 2012

Trick or Treat Hangover

Last night was trick or treating in our area because it was delayed due to Hurricane Sandy. We always go to a friend's house because they live in a great neighborhood for trick or treating. The kids got a lot of candy, we all got a lot of exercise walking all over the neighborhood (at least 100 houses) and we all had fun. Today, I feel like I have a trick or treating hangover. I am tired, a bit sore from carrying heavy bags of candy and I have a headache. The positive to today is that we got our extra hour of daytime and we are getting together with good friends for the Steeler game! We get time with them and I don't have to cook dinner. I am going to try to eat as healthy as possible while I am there but I can't make any promises because it will be gameday food which we all know is not always the best!

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