Monday, November 12, 2012

Always Up for More Income

When you need to stay home and you don't have the professional training to do a full time job as your own boss, you always look for more ways to bring in an income. 

I came across Kitsy Lane recently and, of course, was intrigued.  Here was a company that you can sign up for, for free and earn a commission and all sales are based online.  Is it too good to be true?!

I am doing some research to see what I can find on this company to find out if it is legit and if it is, I will be shouting it from the rooftop because couldn't we all use some extra income for very little work?  I know it definitely sounds too good to be true!   I will dig up the scoop and get it for you guys and let you know what I find!

I found this article online and it seems like it may be legit but it is very new.  I signed up and I will see what happens.  The only personal information I gave them was my name, address, email address. No truly personal information went out to them.  If you end up with over $600/year in income they do need to get your social security information to issue you a 1099. 

So, who wants to join me in this new venture?!  You can click my link here to sign up!  I have nothing to lose at this point, only income to gain!

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