Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Wish Lists

One of my requirements for the holidays is probably much like any other parents'  I'm sure.  I make my kids write out their wish lists.  I love to not only see what they are hoping for because isn't it sort of magical.  That is where the first sign of the magic of the season is for me, to see them think about what they are wishing and hoping for.  I love to see their gears turning and thinking about all the things that would make them happy. 

My kids have always been pretty good about not asking for very expensive things.  Yes, they are kids so they put one big ticket item on their list and some years we are able to get them those items.  Last year, the older kids got pretty much every single thing on their lists, that included iPod Touches.  They were thrilled but not only with that gift but about all of them. 

This year the older two have written a list and they are pretty simple.  Jada has asked for nail polish, makeup, art supplies and she would love to get some baking supplies to start baking.  Chuckie has asked for football cards and Legos.  That is it, folks.  They know that we can't give them the moon and so they decided that they don't need the big, expensive, gotta-have-it items that most kids are asking for.  I love these kids so much.  Although it is a tough lesson to learn, it is a lifelong lesson.  I feel both guilty and okay about them learning that life won't always be sunshine and roses. 

They did both want laptops and believe me, if it wer possible, I would totally get them those. However, there are other holidays where that can be possible.  Christmas isn't the only holiday in a year's time. 

Lincoln wants a few things but he hasn't written out his list yet.  He wrote one out for my mom but not for me. I have some idea of what to get him but he is very easy, he would be happy with anything, especially cars, action figures, superheroes, usual boy things. 

Chuck and I are not going to exchange gifts this year, which is totally fine with me, I really don't need anything and there hasn't been anything that I've said, "Oh, I really want that!!" I can't think of one thing that I would ask for. I really just enjoy seeing the smiles on my kids' face as they open their gifts and take part in the magic of the holiday. 

What is on your wishlist this year?  I love hearing what people want and what they get.  It's all so exciting!

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