Monday, November 5, 2012

MAMAVATION MONDAY: Finished Week 1, Working Out, Weigh-In and Moving Forward

Okay, I finished Week one of the 2 week Bob Harper Live challenge through Mamavation!  I feel great and I think I am learning some things as far as workouts go. 
I have pushed myself every single day to get in a workout and really put forth the effort to get as much out of each workout as possible.  I have sweat everyday and been sore everyday and that is how I know that I am doing well.  If I wasn't sore, I would know that I wasn't working hard enough.
I will post my stats at the end to show my progress, I am really pleased so far with my progress!
Bob Harper really has great workouts and I am enjoying them.  On the days when a new circuit is not released, I love going in and checking out the Team Bob workouts and finding one that I want to try.  I have found some that I plan on doing and some that I want to do again.  I also really love the recipes.  I tried one lunch on Saturday and it was good.  I hope to try several more through the next month. 
Moving forward, my goal is to continue on with the workouts, continue to eat healthy and just be mindful of what I am doing or not doing so that I can benefit the most from this opportunity.
Starting Weight: 143.7lbs.                                  After Week 1:  141.9lbs.
Arms: L 11.5" R 11.5"                                        Arms: L 11"  R 11"
Waist:  34in.                                                        Waist:  33in.
Hips: 37.5in.                                                        Hips: 37.5in.
Thighs: L 22, R 22                                               Thighs: L22, R 22
I am happy with the results so far, I am actually surprised, quite frankly, I didn't think I would notice such a difference so soon.  I thought that maybe after the two weeks, maybe I would lose a pound or two but to lost almost 2 pounds after only one week.  I'm excited and I can't wait to see what the results are after the challenge is over and then again after a month!  I am motivated and ready to really kick some butt!!

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  1. These 2 week challenges always kick my butt! And I ALWAYS see results right away. They are a great motivation to kick yourself in the butt!

    Great job last week! Hope you have another great one!

  2. Great job!!!! You should be very proud of yourself :)