Thursday, November 29, 2012

Holiday Fun

Today was Lincoln's holiday shop in school. The PTO sets up a small store in the school gym so the kids can shop for their families. The kids get so excited and they have a great time. It is one of my favorite events to volunteer for because the kids make it so magical. The items range from bad to really nice and some of the parents are shocked when they get to the register and it ends up being over $50! I really love that they make sure that the kids that can't afford to really spend a ton of money on gifts are still able to participate. One little boy had only $5.00 to spend on his entire family and he was able to do it. He felt so proud to be buying gifts for everyone and it warmed my heart. I really enjoyed being there today to see all the excitement and joy on all those little faces. I allowed Lincoln to shop because it is exciting for him but last year, I took the kids to Five Below to shop for each other so that they could get some nicer things and it was still less expensive. They enjoyed that and I am planning on taking the older kids there again this year to pick out something for each other. Jada is also doing a secret Santa thing with her friends and they put the limit at $10 so she is planning on making up a gift basket or going to Five Below for that as well.

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