Sunday, November 18, 2012

Weekends are for Family

During the week, our days are go, go, go.  We are hardly ever just sitting around talking or having any fun with each other.  Although the days seem to fly by, I really look forward to the weekends when the pace slows and we get to sit around and talk and laugh and be silly together. 

We don't do much on the weekends now that football season is over and Chuckie won't be playing basketball this year.  We have been lounging in bed or hanging out in the living room watching movies as a family. 

I love the simplicity that the weekend brings.  We can enjoy each other and do things together that we can't during our hectic weekdays.  We can eat a big breakfast together or stay up late and all sleep in the living room. 

I try to make our weekends more about family so that we can keep that strong sense of foundation for the kids growing up.  I had that when I was growing up and we had fun, we learned a lot and we still have the sense of closeness.

What is your favorite thing about weekends?

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