Friday, January 10, 2014

Run This Year

There is a group, yes another group.  I am becoming addicted to groups.  I may have to head to a groups anonymous group but then that would be counterproductive to my addiction, heh. Sorry, it's early my humor is horrible. Anyway....

There is a group, community, addiction called Run This Year.  Basically, it's for those that are running in 2014 and we create a mileage goal and log our miles and it is interesting to see just how many miles will build up over the course of each month.

I needed to set a goal and I really wasn't sure what that goal was going to be.  In 2013, I really wanted to run a total of one mile for every day of the year so 365 was my goal and I made it to 368 for the year.  So, the question was, do I keep that goal or do I up it?  I decided to up it and I made my goal for 2014 to be 500 miles.  That is pretty lofty for me because I feel like I was pretty consistent in the last year with running and I had way less than that.   I'm shooting for the moon here but I hope to be able to say that I did it.

I have said before that I like goals, it gives me a way to strive to be better than I was before and shouldn't we all strive for that, in one way or another?

I'm excited to take this challenge on and see where it takes me.  So far, I have 7.5 miles and I am running 2 tomorrow and 5 on Sunday so I will be in the double digits soon.  It takes baby steps to get to the big steps.

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