Thursday, March 6, 2014

Twigtale Review and A Discount For You!!

I love personalized gifts.  They are sweet, thoughtful and well, who wouldn't want something that someone obviously put a lot of thought and effort into?

I was contacted by Twigtale to review their product and I immediately said yes.  Twigtale offers their customers a great way to give your child, grandchild or any child you love, a personalized book for moments in life when they may need it the most.   Twigtale is not only a source for personalized books that show special memories page by page, they offer books that help children understand difficult life situations such as: emotional development, anxiety and fears, family changes and more.

I had the chance to make my youngest son a book to show him all the special people in his life that love him. I chose the book, "Who Loves Me?"  It is full of pictures of family members that love Lincoln and areas with text for each page.

I was able to easily choose pictures for each page and move them, crop them and finalize each page.  The process was simple and fun to do.

The books would make a wonderful gift to any child regardless of the situation they may be in. Kids love personalized books and Lincoln loves his.  He was thrilled to see all of his favorite people in one book that he can read and look at when he wants to.

I personally think that this would make a great Easter or birthday gift so you should head on over to Twigtale, take a look around and create your special gift soon.   Just because you are one of my readers, you can use a special discount code to get 10% off your book + shipping (US only)!  At checkout, use code TWIG10 for your discount.  Discount expires June 30, 2014.  So go on, stock up on these great books and give them to those you love.  They will love it!

Disclaimer: I received no monetary compensation for this post. Twigtale provided me with a code to receive a free book in exchange for my honest opinion of their product. The opinions and pictures are my own and I was not scripted for my post. 

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