Wednesday, March 19, 2014

Training and Fundraising....Well, Trying To Do Both

I am training for the Pittsburgh Marathon Relay event that is taking place in Pittsburgh on Sunday, May 4th. I am part of a five member team of ladies that I know.  We aren't out to win any medals or prize purses but we are in it to prove that we are able and we can finish this event.  We are made up of all fitness levels, some that are just starting out, some that are in the middle of the fitness rainbow and one that owns a fitness studio.
Part of the great thing with the Pittsburgh Marathon is that you can sign up to do a fundraiser as you train for your running events.  I signed up through CrowdRise to fundraise for my town's lake.  A few years ago, they drained our lake because the dam needed fixed and there wasn't any money to do that.  This beloved lake that had been around for generations of families where they would canoe, fish, hike and have picnics.  Gone.

My own kids had only been there a handful of times before they drained it but I can envision all the missed times we could have gone and sat by the lake and shared memories.

Restore Glade Run Lake is my charity of choice and if you would be so kind as to make a donation, thousands of local families and generations to come would be forever grateful.

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