Saturday, March 15, 2014

Reaching a Milestone of My Own

The other day, I was able to watch my friend's two month old baby for awhile and oh did it feel good to hold a little baby again.  I was at work at the gym nursery and it isn't often that babies are there for me to watch.  It has been a few months since the last time a baby was in.

I was telling one of the moms that I loved holding and snuggling the baby.  I also told her how several of my friends just had babies and there was a pretty big baby boom.  She asked me how I felt about that.  I thought it was a strange question but I also knew what she meant.   I know that she was asking if it made me wish that I was having another baby. 

I have reached a milestone.  I have reached that point in my life when I realize that I don't have any desire to have anymore children.  There was quite a few years when I wasn't so sure if I was done, even though I had been telling everyone that I was done.  It isn't easy to come to that conclusion.  I love babies, I enjoy being pregnant and I think that I am a pretty good mom.  There is always room in my heart for more kids but I am just done. 

I am thankful for the kids that I have, I enjoy being around other kids and I love being around my friends' babies.  That means that I can get those baby snuggles and get my baby fix but hand them back over when I've had enough.

I know that most probably wouldn't consider this a milestone but I think it is.  It is a point in life when you know that you've turned a corner.  Of course, nothing at this point is permanent which is kind of scary but thankfully, we haven't had that experience of a surprise and I'm going to make sure we don't have that in the future.

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