Monday, March 10, 2014

When There Is More Light Than Dark

The clocks have been changed to rise earlier. We are gaining an hour of daylight and I couldn't be happier about that.  The sun was shining yesterday and we will have higher temperatures for a few days.  It is just what I need.  I need more sunshine and warmer temps to get me through the next few months.  They are busy, they are hectic and I will be tired but warmth seems to bring my heart to a better place.

As time marches forward, we make plans for all the things we want to do to make the most of the time we have and I am no different.  I want to do a lot. I always do ha!

Here is my list of things that I want to accomplish this spring/summer:

  • Install a new front walkway to the front porch (there isn't one at all right now, I hate walking through mud)
  • Create a nice patio/backyard area where we can sit and relax (it's lacking a lot right now)
  • I need to figure out what type of gardening I want to do, how big, where, what to plant, etc.
  • Take the kids on a few camping trips/weekend getaways
  • We are going to Virginia for a wedding and hopefully extending that out for a few days at the beach! Yay, more sunshine and warmth for me!!
  • Go away with my husband for our 15th wedding anniversary, not sure where just yet.
  • Run outdoors at least 3-4 days a week, this works out when the kids have sports practices and I can have something to do for that timeframe. Plus, Chuck said he wants to start running with me (most excited about that.)

There are other things going on with our family that create a lot of unknowns and I cannot disclose those things right now but all these things can help be a distraction for us.  The sun could not choose a better time to make an appearance than now. We need the sun and light to shine on all of us as we embark in unknown territory.

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