Wednesday, February 26, 2014

Feeling Overwhelmed

I have a natural tendency to take on more than I can handle at any given time.  I have always been this way and over the years, I think I have found a way to sort of combat that tendency.  I have learned to say no when I know that it would be too much for me to take on at times when my plate is just too full.

Right now, my plate is about as full as it can possibly get.  I am working more hours then I was when I first started, I am running around more as I try to get organized and get all the appointments for the family that we have missed out on over the past two years.  Yes, two years of missed appointments...eye exams, dental exams, etc. That's a huge fail on my part but I've been in a veil of issues over the past two years.  That's a whole other post.

My plate feels so full and yet, it is about to get more piled on.  The big kids are starting their spring sports in the next two weeks which adds in daily pickups, double practices, games/meets spread throughout the week so that even weekends are booked solid.

While I would never discourage my kids to take part in sports (this is how we got into this mess) I am now seeing the logic in making kids choose between two activities at a time.  I am so excited to watch them in their sports and they are both trying lacrosse for the first time but oh man, my calendar is so full and I don't even have the boys lacrosse schedule yet!  There are days where Chuck and I will most likely have to split up and each take on a game/meet so that we can have one of us at each event.

This also means that I have to get creative with my work schedule so that I am able to make it to one sporting event each week without missing too much work.  I try to schedule my days of leaving early so that it is only one day a week and each week it is a different day.  The sports schedules don't always comply with what I want to do but I will try it that way.  Hopefully, my boss will be understanding of my stance on my being a mom first, employee second.  It has always been that way with all my past jobs and this one is no different.  That M for mom is engraved on my heart while my work name tag is simply magnetically attached. It has to be that way.

I have sat down several times in an effort to write up a post but have had no luck because this feeling of being overwhelmed is, well, overwhelming. Ha.

This is all I've got, I have a pile of Box Tops to cut and count for the big kids' school, fundraising to do for the lacrosse organization and household stuff to do before I get out the door to head to my two jobs.  Overwhelmed, just a bit.

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