Tuesday, February 11, 2014

Filling The Calendar

Just like everyone else, I start a new calendar before the first of the year and start adding in the dates of birthdays, events I know are coming up, fun weekends, etc.

My calendar also consists of races or runs that I want to do.  I have a running list of races that catch my eye, I've done before and want to do again and ones that I've always wanted to do. The list is long and if I could, I would do them all.  I just don't have the time or endless amount of money it takes to do that.

I have become a bit more picky in how I choose my races now. I do a few virtual races that are free or very low cost.  I choose charities that are close to  my heart and I choose races based on location.  I certainly can't go out of town for a race.  I just can't justify spending the extra money just so I can go run a race.  Now, if we were to go out of town for a weekend away and I could fit in a race while we were there, that would be different.

As it stands now, I have several races lined up that I am registered for....I think around 7 right now and I plan on registering for at least 7 more to reach my 14 in 2014 goal. I need to get on with the running though because for some reason, February is always a slow running month for me.  I have a larger goal of running 500 miles this year and if I want to achieve that, I need to get a move on it!!

Some of the races I'm registered for:
Frostbite Autism 5K - March 1st
Superhero 5k - April 26th
Pittsburgh Marathon Relay - May 4th
Foam Fest 5k - June 14th
Dirty Dash 5k - August 2nd
US Road Running Movie Madness Half Marathon - Virtual by Jan. 1, 2015

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