Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Time for a Change....But Not Too Much of a Change.

I am so happy to report that I've started working again.  It is a part time job at a local ice skating rink.  I am working 20-25 hours a week and I get to sort of set my own schedule.  My boss knew, up front, that I have a family and a strict weekly schedule of drop offs and pick ups so he is willing to work with me on that. 

The job is only about 5 minutes from my home so I have a very short commute and so far, I absolutely love my job!  I am an administrative assistant/personal assistant to the owner and general manager.  I have already learned a lot and I am enjoying everything thoroughly.  I have begun the process of learning the Quickbooks program and have created a filing system to better run the office. 

I am trying to create an efficient, quick system of processing and filing invoices, bills and payments. My boss owns a few businesses so I do some work for him other than just office work.  I'm really just so thankful that I came across this job. I really lucked out. 

Right now, I am working five days a week but as the system gets to a current state and I have a better handle on what I am doing, I hope to go down to four days a week so that I can still participate in school activities with the kids.  The hours will go down as the slow season at the rink is from April to August.  I am actually happy about that because that is summer vacation for the kids and I can spend more time with them. 

I work from 1pm until 5pm and so maybe in the summer I can change those hours to something earlier so that we can plan for fun days or trips. 

This is the first job like this for me so it is all exciting and new to me.  However, this is the type of job that I have always wanted.  I still get to work with the public a bit, I get to do office work and I get to use office supplies (if this sounds strange, sorry, I have a deep affection for office supplies heh!)

I hope to stay with this job for years to come as it allows flexibility and it is just so convenient.  My boss has already said that he hopes I don't have any plans of leaving the job and he constantly thanks me for the job that I am doing.  I appreciate the fact that I am appreciated.  A "thank you" goes a long way. 

So, if anyone is looking for an ice skating rink or a unique birthday party experience, let me know, I think I can get some information to you. ;)

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