Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Run or Walk to Help Save Lives

There are quite a few charities that are close to my heart. There is one, in particular, that I strive to support each and every year, in every way I can. I participate in fundraisers, I walk/jog a 5K in the city and I donate money/products to help the team. That charity is the March of Dimes. We are a part of a family team called Team Kaydence. Kaydence is an angel baby born to Chuck's niece in 2005. She was born at 22 weeks gestational and weighed in at 1lb. and 10 3/4 inches. The doctors and nurses said that nothing could be done for her and so they put a tiny hat a dress on her, wrapped her up in blankets and allowed the family to spend time with her. She breathed on her own for 47 minutes before leaving this earth to be a butterfly. We raise funds in her memory and in honor of her younger brother, Jaxten, who was born premature and spent weeks in NICU until he could safely go home. They also have a younger brother, named Nolan, who was able to make it to full term! It is a sad story but out of it came this passion and drive to help so many other families that need our help. We are trying to help in the efforts to raise awareness, help fund research and funding to those who need it. We are helping to save babies' lives and help lessen the risk of birth defects. The team has several fundraisers but this year, I wanted to do more. I have become aware of the draw of virtual runs through a few of the groups I am in so I decided to start and host a virtual 5K in memory of Kaydence! I have setup an event on and so anyone can participate and help us save babies' lives and change millions of families across the nation. The run details can be found here. Please, consider running or walking to help us out or help spread the word so we can help as many people as possible!

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