Tuesday, January 22, 2013

It's a Crazy Thought

For years I said I wanted to be a runner and now I am starting to consider myself a runner.  I don't run every single day but I feel I do it regularly enough for it to be a habit and a hobby.  I know I will never break any speed records or time records but that's okay, that's not my goal.  I just fee proud when I finish a run in a respectable amount of time.

After I did a few 5K races, I said that I would love to one day run a half marathon but that seems like a really lofty goal.  I mean, that is 13.1 miles of running.  That's a lot of running. 

I have a friend that did a training program for half marathons and so far she has run two of them and she has said that I should train and do one too.  She says it is totally doable and if I want to do one, I just need to make the decision to be diligent and do it. 

I've started looking at training guides for half marathons, just in case I decide that the timing is right.  I have found a few different ones but they all seem to be about the same.  I like this one, it is very gradual:

It seems to be attainable.  The only problem for me is, if I do a training program I need to make a goal date and begin at a time that coincides with the race date.  However, what if I register for a half marathon with every intent to run it and I injure myself or something happens and I can't run it? Do I just continue to run until I can find a half marathon that works for me?! 

A lot of this is still in my head and it is a lot to think about because it is a commitment I'd have to make to myself.  However, isn't my personal motto, "you are worth it!?"

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