Friday, January 18, 2013

Making Some Plans...Maybe....Sort of

When Chuck and I got married 13 years ago, I was pregnant.  It wasn't a secret and it wasn't the only reason we got married.  I am willing to be that most people believe that is the case.  Yes, we did not plan the pregnancy, yes we wanted to be married before our baby was born....would we have gotten married that soon had I not been pregnant, probably not.  However, we knew that we would be together forever.  We had been together for five years at that point. We were living together and we were both working full time so it's not like we had a shotgun to our heads. I don't even know if it was something that was important to our parents, for us to get married before the baby came, but it was what was important to us.  We are old fashioned in some ways. 

We always said that we would renew our vows someday and we always tend to say we would do it for our 15 year anniversary.  We want to do the whole shebang.  We went to the local justice of the peace when we got married and had a big reception with our family and friends.  I wore a clearance rack prom dress that was perfect for me.  I loved it and I don't regret what we did but don't most girls want that big, special day with everyone they care about there to help celebrate?  Chuck wants that for me.  He wants me to be that princess for my day.  He feels it is important for us to go through the nice ceremony.

We would really love to go to Hawaii as a honeymoon after a vow renewal ceremony.  He has an uncle that lives in Hawaii so we would have an excellent tour guide or at least someone to tell us the best places to go and see. 

Since our financial woes and our situation, I'm not sure we can swing the trip to Hawaii.  I still want to go and I will do what I can to try to save up for it and we even said we'd love to have some friends or family go too! Once we are financially stable, that is where our extra money will be the trip to Hawaii.  Even if we have to wait until awhile after the vow renewal ceremony, we will day.

So, aside from the honeymoon trip to Hawaii, there are other things that I think about and sort of plan for our ceremony.  Like the location, who we would invite, the color scheme, the decorations, etc.  All those fun and exciting details that every bride gets to plan.  I'm sort of embarassed to say that I have been looking online at wedding gowns.  It seems sort of silly to look at them if I don't know for sure if we are going to actually do it, but I love looking at them. There are so many choices, how in the world do you know if you are getting the right one?!  Is there really that whoa moment? I think I have asked this on Twitter before. 

Here is one that I really like, it is pretty and simple but not too plain. It's not too form-fitting that I wouldn't be able to walk.

Another one that I think I like, it is different, I haven't ever seen anyone, in person, with this style dress. Again, it's not too fancy and overboard.

This one is a bit different and I am not sure if this is something that would even look good on me.  For years, I thought I would want the ball gown style but I'm not so sure anymore.  I am older and this is a vow renewal so I somehow feel like I should have a more, simple style but then again, this is my first real wedding ceremony.

How did you decide what style you wanted?  Did you change your mind once you started trying on dresses? 

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