Monday, January 7, 2013

Time to Start Thinking About Valentine's Day! WARNING: SOME ADULT CONTENT IN THIS POST!

Sex toys - EdenFantasys adult toys store

Yes, that sexy, loving, romantic holiday is coming up and one place that has everything you need for a special night with the one you love is EdenFantasys. They have a wide variety for those looking for something new, different or exciting. 

They have lingerie that ranges from sweet and innocent to sexy and naughty. Lingerie is not only for those that have bodies that are much like Victoria's Secret models but they also carry lingerie in plus sizes.  Every women deserves to feel sexy and confident when she is with her man or her partner so allow EdenFantasys to help you find just the right thing for your next big occasion in the bedroom. 

I think a lot of times people think that sites like EdenFantasys is taboo or that they cater to strange, sex-crazed people.  While that may be true, they also have items for everyone: men, women, gay, straight, bi or for just yourself!

EdenFantasys even carries a section for vaginal exercising.  Listen, let's be honest here, once you have children and you carry your babies for nine months then push them out during the childbirth process, you lose some muscle control or muscle tone.  Your gynecologist will tell you to do kegel exercises to help gain that muscle strength so that you don't pee your pants every time you sneeze. ;) Most women have heard of these things but haven't ever seen them, go ahead and click on the link above and see if these products are something you would be willing to work with.

Here are a few of the things that I think would be great for Valentines Day:

The Love Candy Collection by Kendra kit

The Stretch Lace Corset is so pretty and sweet.  I'm sure anyone would love to see you in this.  It is sexy and not overly revealing.

The Romantic Rendezvous Love Set, with bubble bath, lubricant and massage oil for a romantic evening with your love.
You cannot go wrong with anything you choose!

Get sexy this Valentine's Day, show your loved one a great time with the help of EdenFantasys.  They are there to help you with your needs.  They have some specials going on right now if you hurry! They have a closeout clearance section for those deeply discounted items.  They even have free shipping on orders over $25! 

Visit EdenFantasys for all your bedroom needs, they are a company you can trust to send you your items in discreet packaging and quality items to spice up your life!

*The opinions stated within this post are solely mine.  I was not prompted for content or wording. I am a real customer of EdenFantasys and am happily sharing my opinions with my readers.  I will be compensated a small reward for expressing my opinions.*


  1. Will have to check out the site! It's always nice to have a surprise in your closet! :)

  2. Oh, I so feel you about peeing your pants when you sneeze! I'll definitely be checking their site out!

  3. I love toy shopping and strengthening my "mommy muscles"