Thursday, May 1, 2014

Adding In a Little Extra

Over the winter months, I was doing monthly challenges for all the different body parts that needed work.  I was actually sticking with them too!  I recruited my teenage daughter to do them with me for both our health and for accountability.  It was great to do those with her and we looked forward to the workouts everyday.

I sort of slacked off doing them as I was increasing my running and attending spin classes on the days when I wasn't running. I also started with weight training.

It is time to start back up with the monthly challenges though in an effort to get ready for summer.  The amount of monthly challenges that you can find online is amazing.  I've found some really great ones that I loved and I look forward to going back and doing some of them again.

Here are the two that I am going to do for the month of May:

I found these on Pinterest and I am so excited to get started.  Well, I actually already got my pushups in.  I am trying to do full pushups, not modified so we will see how long I can continue with that.  It is such a major goal for me to be able to do the full ones.  The Beach Body Challenge is interesting to me because the workouts are different everyday so there is far less chance of getting bored with it.

Feel free to join me this month!!  Let's see what we can do!


  1. I think May is the month for fitness! We will all rock it! I'm hosting my own challenge. It geared more towards beginners but ultimately for everyone. #TeamStellar

  2. Yay, those look like great challenges, good luck!! I am doing T25 this month with running, strength training and yoga at least 2x week each. Good luck on your challenge #TeamStellar

  3. These look rather doable! I may add em' to my workout, haha. :] I'm trying to formulate a plan of sorts for the next month so it'll be easier to stay consistent. :] Good luck to you! #TeamStellar