Monday, May 19, 2014

It's Going to be Wonderful

In less than three weeks we are leaving for an out of town wedding then heading to the coast for a few days at the beach.  I am both excited and stressed.  We have had a few unexpected expenses pop up and so I am less financially prepared than I was planning on being but we are still going.  I will make it work.

We are going to our nephew's wedding in Virginia and then the following day we are going to Ocean City, MD for four days/three nights.

We were in the car yesterday for a short road trip for a lacrosse tournament for Jada and I was sitting there thinking about how much I love being in the car with my family.  Sometimes the kids are annoying and I want to choke them (don't worry, it has never happened) but I love to be in the car with the people I love the most in life.

Our car ride won't be as long as our drives down to North Carolina and they will be broken up into two drives but I am excited.  We laugh, we talk about memories, we make memories and we sing our hearts out.  There is nothing I love more than my husband and kids and even though it can be a long road, it is worth it.

This will be our first family vacation.  Yes, we have been on vacation before...a few times to the beach.  However, this will be our first time with just the five of us.  We have always gone with other families or our extended family for our beach trips and hopefully we will do that again soon.  I am looking forward to a trip of our very own.  Just the five of us.  There may be more fighting, bickering and annoyance but that's okay. We are making memories of our very own to share with only ourselves.

I am planning on it being a wonderful trip.

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