Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Runners United to Remember

I am nowhere near running a marathon, heck I'm not even close to running a half marathon.  I can't imagine the amount of endurance, stamina and training diligence that goes into running a marathon.  It amazes me that people are able to do them. 

Yesterday's event really saddened me and as more stories about the victims come in, it tears my heart up to hear them.  I belong  to a bunch of online running clubs and the above picture was posted on several of them as a way for all of us runners to honor those affected by the bombings. 

Today, I will be wearing a running shirt and I will be running to honor those affected.  It is so unfortunate that these things are happening when no one would think they would.

My prayers, thoughts and love go out to everyone who ran, everyone who was there and everyone who knew someone there.  May God put His arms around you when you need it most.

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