Thursday, April 25, 2013

Ready for the Celebration

My baby brother is getting married in July.  It's hard to think that the baby of the family is going to have a wife and they will start a life together and eventually, have a family of their own.  My brother is eight years younger than me so he truly is a baby brother.  He is 26 years old and has been with Amanda for 5-6 years.  I was pregnant with Lincoln when they started dating!

Anyway, things are starting to get close and we are having the bridal shower this Saturday so we are busy getting things ready for that and I am so excited. I love parties, gatherings, showers, well any excuse to get together really.  I'm sure it is going to be beautiful and fun.  Her matron of honor has been working so hard on this shower for months and I know she has some great things in store for Amanda, which warms my heart. 

I am in charge of the games so of course I hit up Pinterest for ideas and I hope everyone enjoys them.  I picked some fun ones! I've been cutting out man heads from magazines for one game, cutting out construction paper crowns and mustaches for another and have to price household items for another game!  I'm having fun just getting them ready! 

The wedding invitations have gone out and even those are so cute and fun.  I love the fact that a line on the RSVP card says, "Here's your chance, which songs make you dance?" There are two lines for song choices that you want to great so that they know what songs to play so everyone can have their favorite songs played!

I am going to bridal shower shopping tomorrow (I know, I am waiting until the last minute!) I plan to buy from their registry but when it comes time for a wedding gift, I'm going with something not on the registry.  I am going for something fun, personal for them and special.  No, I don't know what it is exactly yet but I will figure it out! Only 85 more days. 

They are getting married and having the reception at a local park and so they are inviting people to feel free to play a pickup game of basketball or volleyball, allow the kids to play on the playground or roam the grounds of the park. They are keeping it casual to really stress the fact that it is truly a celebration, not a show. 

I cannot wait to call this girl my sister!

I do still have work to do to look good on the wedding day for my duty as a bridesmaid but I will get's crunch time!

And, for's a picture of the couple getting married:
My brother, Jesse and my future sister-in-law, Amanda!

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