Monday, April 1, 2013

Mamavation Monday: First IRL 5K, Challenges Updates and Pushing Forward

Saturday marked my first in real life 5k! Finally, we were able to get outside and run with thousands of other people in the Just a Short Run 5k.  I ran this one with my husband and 12 year old son.  It was cold outside but was due to warm up pretty quickly. I really debated on how to dress for this one because I was afraid of dressing too warm and overheating to potentially damper my timing. 
 I made a goal for myself to get it done in 36 minutes or less.  I didn't want to go over 36 minutes because I know that I can do it in under 30 minutes on the treadmill.  This 5k is sort of tricky as far as timing though because you have a timing chip on your shoe so it's accurate but there are so many people that you get a very slow walking for a bit before you are able to start jogging. We ran most of it, I would say we walked less than .15 miles.  I could have run the entire time but my husband asked if we could walk twice.  He hasn't trained for the run and so literally, just got up and ran a 5k.
I used my watch to keep track of my time and was happy to see that I was pretty much on target to finish in less than 36 minutes.  We finished in 32:06 minutes.  We picked up speed at the end and we crossed the finish line together.  My son had a goal of 25 minutes and did it in 26. He was a bit disappointed but realized that it is still a great time! I can't wait to see the race photos, I will post those when I get them.
I am doing well in all the fitness challenges I am involved in.  I did not win the DietBet weight loss challenge that I was in.  I needed to lose 4% of my body weight and I was close.  I actually hit my goal 2 days after the bet closed!  I was not happy about the timing but was happy to reach that goal!
I am starting a new challenge today and for the month of April, it's called Run Your Ass Off!  It is a challenge to run at least 1 mile every single day of the month. If you miss a day, you have to run 3 miles, if you miss 2 consecutive days, you have to run 5 miles!  I can't wait to get started later this evening for my first mile.  I will probably do more than just one mile but it's a great way to spend this month! 
After doing the 5K and realizing that he isn't in his best shape, my husband asked me if I wanted to start working out together. Of course I do!  We can do weights together, treadmill, elliptical and the punching bag.  I am hoping to really tone my arms and continue to trim my midsection.  We are looking forward to spending that time together to get healthy.

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