Friday, August 9, 2013

ProSkins 28-Day Slim Leggings Challenge: Week 3 Results

I am officially done with week 3 of my challenge and I have to say that I am still very satisfied with my results and with the quality of the leggings.  My legs still feel soft and moisturized, they are still comfortable and they have not lost any of their elasticity. 

I was a bit wary of how they would hold up during the challenge, I mean, I am wearing them every night and I am washing them and I thought that maybe their ability to soften my skin and keep the compression would lose effect but they haven't.  When they are freshly laundered, they are back to where they were when I first got them. 

I haven't seen such dramatic results this week as I did last week but I am still happy with the results.  I would recommend these leggings to anyone wanting to try them to find the positive results I have found. 

This week's results, in loss of inches is as follows:
Hips: -0
Top of Thigh: -0
Thigh: -0
Above Knee: -0
Below Knee: -.25
Calf: -0

So there wasn't much of a loss at all but there was still a loss! 


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