Tuesday, August 27, 2013

A Different Chaos

Well, the new school year has begun and with it, comes more chaos.  The thing I love most about the school year is the routine that is established in order for everything to run smoothly.  We now have bedtimes, wakeup times, homework times, eating times, you get the drift.  The thing I hate the most about the school year is the homework and the fighting that comes along with it.  I am hoping that we can establish a very set routine when it comes to doing homework. 

We always say that the kids should do their homework as soon as they come home to get it done and over with.  That wasn't always easy for Chuckie when he was in the elementary buildings because he would get home around 4pm and had to get ready and eat before heading off to football practice.  This year, he is in the middle school so he is home before 3pm everyday.  That gives him three hours before practice to do the things that need done. 

Lincoln is not really used to having too much homework since he was in kindergarten and I'm not really sure if he will have a lot of homework this year in first grade but if he does, I want to get him in the habit of doing it at a set time and make that something he gets used to for the remainder of his school career! 

We have a desk for Jada in her room and we have an old antique desk for Lincoln so we need to get a desk or study area for Chuckie.  Although that may be coming soon since we are thinking of converting the loft area into his own bedroom.

The beginning of the school year is so crazy though with the forms I need to fill out and sign, orientations, curriculum nights, etc.  I feel like I am running a lot lately but it will slow down and soon enough we will be in the school year rhythm of it.  We will move  as if we've been doing it all along. 

The kids' first day of school went well.  They all liked their teachers and didn't complain about a single thing.  I was kind of surprised.  The biggest shock was Lincoln who didn't want to go to school, getting excited to go back again today.  He kept asking me if it was time to go yet so he could get on the bus to go to school!! 

His teacher seems to be a great lady and several people have said how great she is.  I had one first grade teacher tell me that if she had a first grader, that is the teacher she would want for her own child so I don't think you could earn a higher praise than that!!

I am excited to see what the school year brings.  I am hoping for only the best for my kids and I want to see them excel at their classes and do well.  I am going to push them to do their best because I really lacked at that last year and it was reflected in their grades.  I am pushing for all A's and B's this year!  I may have to motivate them with something good. ;)

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