Friday, August 16, 2013

28 Day ProSkins Challenge: Week 4 Results

I have worn the ProSkins Anti-Cellulite leggings for 28 days and I have really enjoyed the experience.  I have seen results and I have felt softer, smoother skin on my legs than some lotions can even provide! 

I plan on continuing to wear my leggings, maybe not everyday but most nights.  They will probably become a staple to my winter wardrobe as I can wear them under pants when I am freezing!  They are keeping their shape and they are just so very comfortable!

Here are my results in the last week, in inches:

Hips: -.25
Top of Thigh: -.5
Thigh: -0
Above Knee: -.25
Below Knee: -0
Calf: -0

So, even at the end of the challenge, when I thought there wouldn't be much of a change, there is change! 

I do have to say that I have been running three days a week with some cross training as I am training for a half marathon so the results may also be, in part, due to the running and exercise but I do believe that the leggings helped. 

I would recommend anyone to go and check out the ProSkins leggings, shorts, capris, etc. to find out for yourself just how comfortable and beneficial they are.

*I was provided a pair of ProSkins leggings in exchange for participating in the 28-day bloggers challenge.  All opinions are my own and I was not scripted in any way.

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