Friday, June 14, 2013

Tropical Breezes, Hikes in the Woods or Something Different

As I've mentioned, next year, Chuck and I will be celebrating our fifteenth wedding anniversary next year.  We had talked about a trip to Hawaii that would include renewing our vows and celebrating this milestone with anyone who would want to make the trip with us. 

At this point, I'm not sure if that is feasible or what we are going to do.  While I have tons of plans in my head, I don't know if we will. I understand that it seems like a long way away, timewise, but time has been flying and if we are going to do something like that, I want to start planning for it now!  Aside from the financial end of it, there are logistics that go along with it, as well. 

I have had thoughts on other options too.  We love the Outer Banks and we plan to go back there so a vow renewal there could work well for us.  A cruise is something that I've thought about but Chuck is not too keen on the idea, especially after all the incidents lately with the cruise ships over the past year.  I've thought about maybe something less expensive and something more rustic like a cabin in the mountains that would include hikes in the woods and relaxing in a hot tub watching the sun go down.

I am thinking that the option that would work best for us, as a family is the Outer Banks, as other familiy members would most likely be able to join us for the celebration and we could make a family vacation of it.  I'm not solidifying any plans right now because I want to make sure that it is 100% what we want to do. 

I definitely envision sand and sun, I would prefer if our kids could be there to witness it...if we were to go to Hawaii, the kids would not be going. We just could not afford that airfare! At the same time, if we were to go away just the two of us, it would be a vow renewal/honeymoon all in one trip!

There's so much to think about.  In the meantime, I've been hitting up Pinterest for inspiration and well, there is an endless supply of wedding stuff on there!

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