Monday, October 22, 2012

Mamavation Monday: Getting the Hang of Things, Goals, Workouts

When I first heard about Mamavation, I really wasn't quite sure what the heck it was.  I just saw that my friend was posting the hashtag on Twitter and posting about health and fitness and challenges.  I was intrigued and wanted to know more. I read a little about it on their website and that was it. I was so busy and really didn't have time to commit to all the stuff that it entailed. 
Then, I got serious.  I wanted to see my former self again, I wanted to get myself into better shape and health.  I took a second look at Mamavation and I decided that, yes, I am worth the time to pledge.  I am worth the dedication it takes to get back to where I want to me.  I am worth it.
So here I am.  I am now a part of this inspiring, supportive, wonderful community.  I was asked to be a Sista of the Mamavation. I couldn't be any happier or honored to accept the invitation. 
I am still getting the hang of things with Mamavation, there is a lot of information and ways to connect that I need to just keep learning and getting it better. 
I am starting with a few goals this week. 
I hope to continue with my arm workouts each morning and evening.  I have done very well with these with exception to this weekend.  We were on the go all weekend and I didn't get them in but today is a new day.  That is an important lesson...don't look back, look forward with your eyes on the prize. 
I plan to do a cardio workout each day this week.  I will be rotating different workouts found on Pinterest so that I stay engaged and don't get bored. 
I would love to go running one or two days this week as the weather here is going to be beautiful!  We are going to be in the 70's here all week.  If I do run, it will be interval training through the Couch to 5K program, I use the app on my phone for that so it is convenient. 
If I don't run, I may get in a bike ride.  I haven't gotten on my bike in quite awhile but I do love the breeze and sunshine so what better way to enjoy that than on a bike?
As far as eating, I am learning the art of calorie counting.  I have never used this method before so it is new to me and I am also using an app for that.  My friend uses MyFitnessPal and so I loaded that onto my phone and I used it on Thursday as a test run and it was easy and is such a great way to do it.  I will use this week as a sort of baseline to see what I need to change, what my bad habits are, where I get most of my calories from, etc. A science experiment of sorts. lol.
So those are my goals for this week.  I really hope to get all that in this week.  I have so much going on in my life right now but as I said before, I am worth it!


  1. Those are some awesome goals! Keeping it mixed up in terms of workouts is a great way to keep yourself excited and entertained.

    Also, WELCOME to the Sistahood! We are SO happy to have you with us! :)

  2. WELCOME to the Sistahood! =)

    Rotating work out's is an AWESOME way to keep yourself on track and not bored with your work outs.

    I love hearing how inspired you are! Can't wait to get to know you better.

  3. Very attainable goals. I know you're going to reach them! (The weather won't hurt, fo' sho! :) ) Good luck and welcome again!

  4. Welcome! Can't wait to your progress!!