Tuesday, September 9, 2014

Tuesday To-Do's

Here we are at Tuesday, staring into the face of the rest of the week, feeling determined to fit in all the craziness that it entails.

This week feels far less crazy than last week and I am so happy about that.  I feel like as the school year settles in, there seems to be less extra evening stuff to do like orientations, curriculum nights, etc.  We are almost through all of them.  I am thankful that each of the kids' things were spread out during different weeks.

Here is today's to-do list:

  • Run 4 miles for half marathon training
  • get kids off to school
  • get ready for work
  • head off to work and get as much done as I can to sail through the rest of the week
  • come home to get Lincoln off the bus
  • start dinner
  • pick Chuckie up from football
  • finish making dinner
  • do T25 Speed 1.0 workout
  • eat dinner
  • relax with the hubby for the evening
The list includes much less running around than I have been doing which is so appreciated!  

What's on your list today?

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