Friday, April 25, 2014

Slow It Down

Wow, life has been busy.  The school year is dwindling down and the countdown is on for the last day of school (my kids are missing the last day since that happens to be the day we leave for vacation.) The sports schedules are nearing their end, only two weeks left of track & field and a month left of lacrosse.  However, between now and then, we are still juggling those schedules and trying to keep our heads above water.

Aside from what the kids are doing and involved in, Chuck and I are busy.  I am trying to work more hours so that we can start to save some money and have a better financial plan.  He is working his full time job and doing side jobs in the little spare time he has so that he can build up a new business that he and a friend are starting.  It would be lovely if it took off and they were able to quit their full time jobs but that will probably take a good amount of time. They are staying pretty busy right now with it though. It sucks that it takes him away from us at home but it's a sacrifice for getting to where he wants to be.

My running training is in full swing and I have a pretty good race schedule for the next few months.  I have a Superhero 5k tomorrow where I am dressing up as Violet from the Incredibles and joining a friend and her mom for her first 5k.  Next weekend, I have the Pittsburgh Marathon Relay where I am running the fourth leg of the race and I am so excited for that.  I can't wait for the atmosphere that I have heard so much about. There are several other races that I am doing...I really need to make sure they are all in my calendar.  I love that I am teaming up with so many different people for different races. I am doing some fun runs with some people and more serious races with others.  This love of running has really stuck with me and I have finally pinpointed what exactly it is for me.  It is solitude, it is my me time, my stress reliever, my thinking place and my sanity.  It is a bonus that it is a healthy hobby. Chuck likes to tinker with his truck, I like to run and we decided that those are pretty good hobbies.
Lincoln has been pretty good about all of this.  He has been carted around with me for pickups, dropoffs, games, meets and he continues to go and sometimes complain but I really can't blame him.  I'm tired too.
He has no desire to take part in any sports right now and I am fine with that. I do wish I could watch him play something but we're not pushing it. He is his own person and I support whatever he wants to do which happens to be nothing right now.

I hate how sometimes life gets so busy and you lose sight of what means the most to you.  It can cause a lot of stress on a family and the dynamics of everyday life.  Chuck and I had to finally sit down and talk about it all.  We need a break and I couldn't possibly look forward to vacation than I am now.  I cannot wait to let it all go and relax.  I can't wait to see the sunrise on the ocean and put my feet in the sand.  I can't wait to see the kids running on the beach carefree and smiling.

As much as I can complain about how busy we are, I wouldn't really want to change it. Everyday, every activity and event, we are finding ourselves.  We are learning about our strengths, our weaknesses and finding the things we love. Luckily, we get to be on this adventure together, as a family.

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