Saturday, March 2, 2013


As a part of the Mamavation group, I have found some great opportunities to take part in.  I have participated in Twitter parties, which are really fun because the group of ladies are really great and they are so very funny.  The term sistahood is thrown around a lot but it really is a sisterhood of dedicated, motivated and determined ladies.  The ladies are there for you no matter what the issue is.  It doesn't even need to be fitness related for them to be there to listen. 

I took part in a two week challenge in October into November and it was one of the best fitness programs I have ever done.  It was all done at home and we had the chance to work with Bob Harper from The Biggest Loser.  I had access to his workouts on his website and although they were short workouts, they were intense and they worked so many muscles that I didn't even know that  I had!  I lost some weight but even more importantly, I felt my body change.  I was leaner, I was stronger and I was feeling so good. 

I just signed up for another two week challenge that will be starting in two weeks with Mamavation.  I have looked over the workouts and they are not easy.  I don't want an easy workout though because part of pushing myself to do the hard things is that I feel better after doing them and I know that I can do things that I didnt' think I could do. 

If you haven't ever looked into the Mamavation group, you should.  You will not regret it one bit.  This isn't just about weight loss.  It is about being held accountable, being supported, being motivated and changing your health for life....not just a short term craze. 

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