Friday, June 20, 2014

Race Recap: 5K Foam Fest

Well, I did it!!  I got messy, I got wet and I had a blast!!  My husband and I had a few setbacks that had me so rattled but it ended well and we laughed about a lot that day.

Our wave was at 9:40am and we were meeting friends there to do it together.  We got a late start because Chuck was sick and slow moving.  He decided that he wasn't going to do the race because he was so sick and it would be hard for him to breathe.  However, he was going to walk the course with me and take pictures. He was not happy about this and neither was I but at that point, he was wheezing and coughing so much, it was much smarter that he not run and do the obstacles.

So we were running late, our directions took us to the wrong place and we ended up driving around for a bit looking for the right place. We finally saw a bus that was a shuttle bus and we followed it to the parking area. Then we had to wait for around a half hour for the shuttle bus because the line was long.  We made it to the event area and had to wait in line again for registration and waiver signing.

When we were finally in and set up, we were put in the next wave which was starting in five minutes.  The horns went off and we started walking.  The course was set up on an ATV dirt trail through the woods.  It was pretty and the trail walking was a good workout in itself.  A lot of people didn't do last year's event so they had nothing to compare it to.

If I were to compare last year and this year I would say a few things:

1.  The parking was different.  Last year, the parking was right at the event area so no shuttles were needed and I really liked that.  We were able to drive through and get it much faster, no lines, no shuttles, no confusion on where we needed to go.

2. The course was much different.  I enjoyed the trails this year.  I liked that the course itself was a workout and the hills and rough terrain allowed the crowds of people to space out and we didn't have to wait in a large group to get through the obstacles like we did last year.

3.  The obstacles. Last year, it just seemed like the obstacles were much closer together than this year.  There were parts of the course this year that it seemed like we were walking forever until the next obstacle.

4.  The afterparty.  The area after the race had some pros and cons over last year.  The shower and changing area this year was superb.  There was plenty of space and privacy for everyone.  Last year, people were changing in their cars, myself included.  However, last year there seemed to be more vendors and it was better set up.

I had a blast and I had no problems with any of the obstacles.  They were fun and I got messy, wet and foamy.  There was even a portion of the course where we walked through a real mine.  I would recommend this race to everyone as a fun run. I think it's a great event for groups of family and friends to do together.

Here are some of the official photos of me:

Have you ever done the 5k Foam Fest in your area?  If not, consider this one as the fun run you've always wanted to do!

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