Friday, June 13, 2014

Foam, Mud, Water and Fun, Here I Come!!

I am so excited about tomorrow's fun run for the 5K Foam Fest!!  I am very happy that my husband has decided to do this with me, he was there last year following us and taking pictures and he decided that it would be more fun to join in with us.  We have our same group as last year so we can say it is officially our second annual Foam Fest together!

Chuck has been sick for the last week so I was really anxious about whether or not he would be well enough for the run but he assures me that he will be fine.  I told him that it is fine if he needs to walk (he has a chest cold and congestion so running may be out) that I will walk with him. It's really not about your timing in this event, it is about having a blast and doing the obstacles.  I can't wait to see the obstacles because there are some different ones this year.

If you haven't done this event yet, I encourage you to sign up and join in the fun.  You will not regret it at all.  You may just find out that you are tougher than you thought! I know I did!

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