Wednesday, December 26, 2012

What Can You Do to Help?

As of today, Christmas is over and a lot of the excitement ends. All the hoopla is over and the news has changed to the crazy winter weather that is on it's way to the Appalachia region. This means that snow, wind, ice and severe weather is headed for areas where people are suffering from no heat. The Monkey Do Project wants to help those in need. They are working every single day to help families, the elderly and anyone who needs it to survive this winter. Here is a video about the Appalachia area and ways that you can help. There are people in these areas that need us, that need our help. Even if you think that what you can give is small and isn't helpful, believe me, anything is helpful when some people have nothing. Each year, there are thousands of house fires caused by people using their stoves or ovens to heat their homes or dangerous space heaters. Help those in need by making a donation so that people can make it through this treacherous weather.

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