Wednesday, November 13, 2013

Waiting and Lessons Learned

If you follow me on Twitter or are friends with me on Facebook, you are well aware of the fact that my mom has her entire family in the Philippines, where last week, the strongest typhoon in history hit. Her family is not far from where the storm made landfall and where they are showing the pictures of devastation and death on the TV.
It is hard to watch the coverage, not knowing whether or not your entire family could have possibly been killed by this storm.  I have heard from two cousins via Facebook, although they have no news for me regarding the rest of the family.  There is simply no way for them to communicate.  There is no power, there are no phones and phone lines are down. 
At this point, nearly a week after the storm made landfall, the residents are desperate for food and water.  Another storm is approaching the islands and with that, disease and dysentery are a real threat.  The hospitals have no power so patients are dying because there is just nothing more they can do for some of them. 
We have been praying hard for the victims, the survivors and for a large amount of family members that we just don't know about. 
Chuck has been struck with the urge to help in any way he can but we just don't really know what that need is right now.  Obviously, they need food and water and donations can be made to several organizations that are helping the country.  He would love to go over and help them rebuild, to put their lives and homes back together but they aren't to that point just yet.  There is so much more that needs done before they can even think of that. 
I sit here at home and worry about our finances and the cost of our health insurance costing more a month, how we are going to get the kids what they want for Christmas and I feel so selfish and ridiculous.  I see a lot of the hashtag "#firstworldproblems" and I have used it before but it is so true. Many of us have no clue about true survival mode.  Many of us have never been through a natural disaster and wondering how we will feed ourselves or our children. 
Life has changed for so many and I am worried about getting my kids the gadget they want.  It all seems so silly and unimportant now.  It just doesn't matter.  We are alive, we are together and we are safe. 
A little perspective goes a very long way. 

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